Personal Investigation

Under Cover Operation

If your company is suffering from serious issues, such as employee theft, drugs in the work place, annoyance, litigation, unsafe work environments, employee misbehavior. They can not only hurt your company, they can put you out of business! Undercover operation may engage placing our investigators as employees within target organizations. We provide a secret undercover operation with high-tech surveillance tools or a multifaceted undercover operation that will hold up in court. We can guarantee your place of work runs healthy. All undercover operation assignments are unique and need highly skilled operatives and we have expert investigators to perform undercover operation who are capable to adapt a broad range of situations within potentially unfriendly environments. Not only can we execute undercover operation, but we also carry out:

Apart from that what type of undercover operation investigative services your company need.

Alliance Detective offered undercover operation investigative services from last several years in Delhi NCR. We are happy to say that lots of happy customers we served it.