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Whenever a wedding in Hindu religion takes place bride and groom take seven pheras these seven pheras are taken around pious fire, amidst the chanting of Vedic mantras are recited. Similarly in Sikh religion a wedding, bride and groom take four pheras or rounds around 11th guru. In this ritual of taking ‘pheras’ or rounds in a very religious environment, many marriages end up in a divorce! It simply proves that this concept of ‘pheras’ is merely a ritual and doesn’t guarantees the success of marriage.

There are many reasons of divorce in today life faced by spouse:

If you are faced above mention cause of your divorce: they are difficult, sensitive, and sometimes risky depending on the nature of your divorce investigation.

Alliance Detective can help you with a careful and discreet divorce associated investigations such as evidence on infidelity, baby protection issues, financial issue / asset details, child support claims, medical records, previous divorce papers, etc. When it comes to legal proceedings, it's usually essential to collect much information to establish your case. The data collected is often used at the time of court proceedings.

We are offering Divorce Case Investigation services from last several years in Delhi NCR. We are happy to say that lots of happy customers we served it.